Brookings Neuropsychology Services - Company Message

     Brookings Neuropsychology Services is a professional
     neuropsychology practice providing psychological, 
     neuropsychological, academic, and forensic/legal
     evaluation services in the Eastern South Dakota region. We
     have been serving the communities of South Dakota,
     western Minnesota, and Iowa, since 2002.

  1. Neuropsychological and Cognitive assessment for medical and rehabilitation purposes.
  2. Evaluation of psychiatric, psychological, and intellectual functioning.
  3. Psychological evaluations for bariatric or pre-surgical planning.
  4. Forensic evaluations for civil or criminal litigation purposes including competency, custody, and court ordered evaluations.
  5. Independent medical evaluations for insurance and workman's compensation claims.
  6. Pre-employment evaluations for law enforcement and public safety personnel.
  7. Evaluations for Disability/Social Security applications and appeals.
  8. Evaluations for applicants seeking testing accommodations for medical school, law school, and graduate school admissions exams.
We Specialize in 
  1. Evaluation of children and adults with known or suspected neurological or psychiatric conditions.
  2. Evaluation of  intellectual, academic, and behavioral functions for school related concerns.
  3. Evaluation of children and adults for medicolegal purposes.
  4. Working with patients in whom diagnosis is unclear or who experience multiple conditions that complicate treatment planning.
  5. We pride ourselves on providing evidenced based, diagnostic assessments, with rapid turnaround time.
Why Neuropsychological Evaluation?

  •  Neuropsychological testing is extremely sensitive to subtle dysfunction that is often not easily quantified using other methods.
  • We can assist physicians, therapists, attorney's, school's, and public agencies in  better understanding individuals with a wide range of difficulties by providing comprehensive profiles of a patients neurocognitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • We can assist families in dealing with behavioral and emotional disorders, family conflict, and decision making about care issues, by providing a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and developing individually tailored treatment plans.